Recommended Boxes

We provide Free Loaner Boxes If available

2.0 Cube Box (18″ x 15″x 12 1/2″)

Perfect size to use for all books, files, tools, records, small kitchen appliances, dishes and glassware other heavy items.

3.2 Cube Box (18″x18″x16″)

This box is great for toys, pots & pans, small appliances, electronics, computer peripherals, clothing, and shoes. Nearly anything you have in drawers or on shelves can end up in this box.
- It is not recommended to put any heavy items in this box
- Try to put light bulky stuff in it. Remember the bigger is the box, the lighter it should be!
- Fill up the box to the very top, avoid any empty spaces

4.0 Cube Box (18″x18″x21″)

Perfect size for lightweight, bulky items such as linens, blankets, clothing, plastic kitchenware, lampshades, toys. Nearly anything you have in drawers or on shelves can end up in this box.

5.0 Cube Box (18″x18″x27″)

This box is great for large, bulky items such as pillows, comforters, coats, towels, sofa cushions. Some families use this box for their “Holiday decorations box” (Christmas decorations etc) after the move. Nearly anything you have in drawers or on shelves can end up in this box.

China Box sometimes known as a China Barrel(18″x18″x28″)

This box is great for china, dishes, crystal, glassware and fragile items. Extra heavy duty dish box / china box construction protects china, plates, serving dishes, silverware. Dish boxes / china boxes are perfect when used with unprinted newswrap or bubble wrap. Do not use newspaper.

Packing Tips for China Boxes
- Cushion the bottom of the box with paper or bubble, or blanket
- Put heavy items on the bottom of the box
- Wrap every item individually or in small packets in unprinted newsprint
- Don’t use regular newspaper it leaves marks on your dishes
- Put dishes vertically close to each other
- Make a good cushioning layer of paper or bubble after each tier
- Put wine glasses and stemware vertically. Wrap each in paper or bubble
- Leave about 10 centimeters to the top of the box and cushion it with paper or bubble wrap

Picture Boxes Small Mirror Carton 1 piece Box (37″x4.0″x30″)

Perfect box for pictures, mirrors, and wall hangings. Each carton measures 4″ wide, allowing 2-3 items per box.

Packing Tips:
- Put unprinted newsprint or bubble on the bottom of the box
- Put sheets of bubble or cloth between the pictures, 2-3 pictures are fit in each box
- For extra safety you may wrap all the pictures in the bubble individually
- Back side of the picture should be facing wall of the picture box

Small Mirror Carton 2 piece Box (37″x3.5″x60″)

Large Mirror Carton 2 piece Box (42″ x 3.5″ x 66″)

Wardrobe Box with bar (24″x21″x48″)

The is the perfect Box for hanging clothes. Move from the closet while still on the hanger! Easy to load, easy to move. Boxes can also be used to store seasonal clothing in your new home. Hats, organizing bins can be packed in the bottom.

Unprinted newsprint (24″ x 36″) Unprinted newsprint keeps items clean and secure.

No mess from printed newspaper! Use newsprint for packing dishes and fine china.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is used for wrapping mirrors, glasses, anything fragile. Heavy-duty molded polyethylene air filled bubble cells absorb shocks, reduce vibration and overcome abusive handling.